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Episode #1611
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Sunday, November 26, 2023
Executive Producers:Sir Not Sure | Dame Paula Rescuer of the Second Hand Kitties | Kristin Tedesco | Sir Plus, Keeper of the Federal Reserve | Dreb Scout, Archduke of the Southern California Mega Region | Sir Roly of Crystal Palace | Sir M, knight of the media landscape | Sir-viving the Communist Takeover | Sir Cum Stance, Protector of the Sharp Clawed Creatures | Robert Shepherd | Donald Barthlow | Sir James of the Derby City | Andy Walmer | Sir Eagle Eye | Sir Delliot, | Dalicia LaFleur
Associate Executive Producers:Kyle Twohig aka The Spook of Spokane | David Harper | R VAN IPENBURG | talia deupree | Linda Lupatkin
Cover Art by:Francisco_Scaramanga

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