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Episode #1362
Shot to Win
Thursday, July 08, 2021
Executive Producers:Sir Andy of the Hickory Flat Protector of Small Horses | Sir Spro Sir Bean Brewer of the South | Dame Vox of the Gateway | Tony Cabrera - No Agenda Shop | Sir Sander Hoksbergen | Earl Mittens of A World Distant | Dame Mariella of the Anterior Communicating Artery | Sander Liemberg | Baron Stephen of the Fox River Valley | Matthew Rosen | Mike Salmon | Casey Van Heel | Shamanic Ape | Princess JJ Lu
Associate Executive Producers:Anonymous | Baronette Sir Rogue of the Taverns | Joachim Englund | Sir Peet | Sir Donald of the Firebottles, Count of Eastern Washington State | Sir Niels den Oliesjeik of the Great Burgundic State of Brabant | Ba van Kerkoerle | Sir Jeff of PA Route 33 | Sebastian Kooijman | Sir Kunkleberry of Brookhaven, Georgia | Dame Orchid Thief
Cover Art by:Korrekt Da Rekard

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